In discussions of feminism and equality, it's not only important but imperative to
discuss our expectations of men in society, from how they feel, to how they act and what sort of roles
they should have. All of these expectations take a toll on men and how others interact with them, especially when they become fathers,
where they often don't feel able to share their emotions, instead feeling that they must be 'manly,' bold and fearless.

Not surprisingly, studies show that the opposite should be the case: the emotional bond with and warmth of a father is much more important
to the social development of a child than perceiving their dad as a 'man's man.' Ashlee Janelle Danso and her father Sam Danso are giving
men a space to celebrate the beauty, uniqueness and irreplaceability of a father, with a panel of fathers. It's time to talk fatherhood.

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Ashlee Janelle Danso is a Dutch Ghanaian Creative Director/Consultant and Style Influencer born in The Netherlands, Amsterdam.
Together with her two sisters, Ashlee Janelle was raised by both her parents Akua Afriye and Sam Danso.
At the age of 17 years her parents divorced and decided to seperate their ways.

This heavyhearted situation brought Ashlee Janelle closer to her father as she began to ask him a lot of questions about the relationship of her parents and his role as a man.
In most Ghanaian households it’s very rare to have deep conversations with your father. Matter of fact, in many segments of society,
people grow up without ever knowing their fathers. This is so unfortunate because the relationship with our fathers plays such a huge part of who we will become.

‘’A father is the model of a man for his daughter, we unconsciously choose man who look like him.’’ - Ashlee Janelle

Join the fatherhood panel talk of Ashlee Janelle and her father Sam Danso
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